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What-If Builder v3.0

New Version Now Available!
Updated 01/19/2004

System Requirements:

  • Color Palm Application
  • Compatible with Palm OS 3.5

Historical Background:

This software is based on an
original desktop version
developed at Concord Consortium.
This version is available at
Concord Consortium: WIB

Developer Info:

This software was developed by Matthew Cruz's Media Magic.
Art credits: Ian Tadashi Moore

The What-If Builder is a tool that enables students to create decision-tree models, also known as "Action Mazes," "tree literature," "plot branching" or "choose your own adventure. A model consists of short sections of narrative, each ending with a choice for the reader that determines what happens next and thus which section of narrative the reader is presented with next.

See screen shots below.

Windows (38 KB), Mac OS (35 KB)

Story List View:
You can create and save multiple stories. You can give them unique names and attach notes to them. You can also beam your stories to a friend or receive stories from them.

Page View:
On this screen you write the story text for the current page.

Choices View:
On this screen you create the choices for the user to pick to advance in the story.

Decision Path View:
This view let's you see the choices you have made from the start of the story. You can use this view as a quick way to retrace your steps.

Decision Tree View:
This view let's you see the entire hierarchical layout of all the pages in the story. This demonstrates the decisions that must be made to go from one page to any other page in the story.

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